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w00t ^__^ application

name: Shelby : )
location: I bet you've never heard of it. Lynnfield Mass.
top 10 desert island albums (what you'd bring on a desert island...duh): All Alkaline Trio albums, Blink 182 - Dude  Ranch, Less than Jake, Brand New - Your + Favorite + weapon... and my doodle bear...?
best concerts: I'm in love with Warped Tour
famous people met: All members of Gob...Fall Out Boy, Less Than Jake, Simple Plan, Lead singer of The Used
favorite book(s): The Lovely Bones, A chold called it, Thunder River, or is it Thunder Mountain...shoot... Diary of Ann Frank or any Holocaust book
favorite movie(s): Life as a house <3 Monthy Python and the Holy Grail
favorite brand(s): Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, Brandnew, Less Than Jake, Sublime, Blink 182, Nirvana
favorite quote/lyric(s): " It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow." My best friend's mother died this pass summer, and she meant the world to my friend, this was her mom's favorite quote.

..::post atleast 3 pictures::..

Me & my BoyToy O.o


My mouth... : )

Yea, Sideways.. I know...sorry about that. The program wouldn't let me turn it. Sorry It's a picture of a picture by the way, so are these next 3... ^__^

Sideway's again *blushes*

.....and again...

Look!@# It's a birddd!

Hope that's not to many. = D

<33 Shelby

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I don't really like your music taste.
and it said bRand not Band.

just tell me what you thought of meeting Simple Plan and my choice will be settled.
haha, oops i spelled it wrong.

and they sucked. i didnt really like them at the time but why not. they didnt even sign a name or full signature, it was just some weird star thing

Deleted comment

no, it asks your favorite BRANDS, not bands haha..
and why would you want to meet simple plan..?
you have no idea of my hate for them
so I can't read. shoot me :)

- And for brands, I don't like ones with the company name or logo or whatever across the chest, dont know why. just don't. other then that it makes no difference what so ever.
And I didn't want to, they were jsut there and my friend asked me to go. why not.
i dont really like your music...or your hair.
or my hair, eh?
I like nothing about you.
You like nothing indie.
And your hair sucks.
i am undecided.

i want to say yes because of monty python and the lovely bones,

but i dont like any of your bands and i cant tell what you look like from your pictures. Post better ones and we'll see.
first off
i personally like your hair
im a sucker for any sortve bangs
long or short
you guys know you liked/like those bands at one time
dont pretend you didnt
yes i just realized you said something about a doodle bear.

yes yes yes
well ive been on an internet vacation for a while, and i couldn't miss this..... NO.



NO. I have maybe liked one of those bands in jr high about 4 or 5 years ago and its not like i adored them, i just thought that was cool. i fucking saw beck in 7th grade. this community needs to stay harsher, fuck. just cause some cute girl applies doesnt mean she is worthy. its supposed to be equal shares of coolness and physical attraction. of course it is shallow, its a ratings community. shit.